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Name: Tessa Rose

Race: Half-Elf

Sex: Female

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Istishia

Home town: Luskan

At a young age Tessa was abducted by a group of cultists known by the (Whatever they were called). They sew shut her left eye and branded her with the cult's symbol over the course of a week. She was eventually rescued by a cleric of Istishia and the cult soon fell apart. Having no memory of the process she was quite secretive of her mark and wore a stylized leather eye patch over it, careful to not let anyone see it.

By her adulthood she sought out to track down the remaining members of (whatever they were called), leading her to venture into the Underdark in search of answers. It was there that she encountered the Spellfinders who led her to a lost library with knowledge of the past, present and future. While reading a book of the past her branded eye painfully bled at the sight of the symbol. Vitae was the first to see Tessa's bare eye as he tended to it and read the book to her. It revealed the cult's leader had fled to the infernal plane and that he was still alive. Soon after the Spellfinders left the Library they were attacked by a group of shape shifters sent to kill them. This caused Kash to be increasingly suspicious of Tessa due to her lack of openness with the others. After a confrontation she revealed her mark to the entire party. This would ultimately prove nothing as an hour later they would all be sent into madness and slaughtered by the demon lord Yeenoghu. As Tessa's lifeless corpse was flung across the cavern walls her soul was consumed by the artifact that was embedded in her eye from her childhood, and she was no more.